Intro to Watercolor Guide

Downloadable PDF

If you love the look of watercolor but are unsure how to begin painting, you’ll want to check out this introductory watercolor guide full of helpful information on creating your own beautiful watercolor paintings. In this 12 page downloadable guide, I walk you through step-by-step how to work with watercolor, including various techniques and tips that I’ve learned over the course of my own painting journey.  


My Supply List

Downloadable PDF

After trying countless different supplies over the years, I have finally compiled a comprehensive list of my favorites! From paper to brushes, paint to erasers, this list includes everything I use and love as well as details on where you can find each item. Don’t miss out on this gold mine! Next, you’ll want to check out my Intro to Watercolor Downloadable Guide to learn how to use all these supplies and tools to create your own beautiful watercolor artwork.