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Decorate Your Desktop: Free Wallpapers // 02

Back in March I created a set of free desktop backgrounds, which included orange slices, quotes, and abstract patterns. This month I've created even more wallpapers for your desktop! This collection follows a colorful theme, including florals, lots of abstracts, and soft watercolor patterns.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I also post phone wallpapers on my story that you can screenshot and use. You can find all the phone wallpapers I've ever posted by going to my story highlight titled "Wallpapers" on my Instagram page.

The wallpapers you see here are also going to be posted to my story and added to my Wallpapers highlight, so you can mix or match your phone and computer backgrounds.

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Decorate Your Desktop: Free Downloadable Wallpapers

If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have seen me occasionally post wallpapers to my story that you can screenshot and use to brighten up your phone background. I love doing this because it's a fun creative outlet that isn't for a client or business project. Plus, I'm constantly updating my own phone wallpaper, so it gives me something new to spruce up my screen.

In fact, I decided that I'm going to try and post new wallpapers at the beginning of every month, so you'll always have something new coming your way. If you want to check out the wallpapers I've posted in the past, just check out my story highlight titled "Wallpapers" on my Instagram page.

This month I've also created a few downloadable desktop backgrounds that match the phone wallpapers you can screenshot on my Instagram story. The theme for this month is Spring! Since March 20 is the first day of spring, I wanted to include imagery that made me feel excited for the new season. Orange trees blossom in March, so we've got lots of oranges. There's also some beach vibes, since Spring Break is coming up, and while I'm not in school anymore, I'd really love to steal away for the week. Anyone got a beach house?

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